The Musical

What sets us apart?

Roles and songs written to showcase many cast members

in primary roles instead of a select few

Includes songs for the Laundress & the Looters, Jacob Marley & his Ghosts, Young Man Ebenezer & Belle, Mr. & Mrs. Cratchit, Scrooge’s Nephew Fred, Homeless Parents, Society Sisters, Angel Voice Narrator, Humbug Boys, Tiny Tim & more. 

(See 'The Songs' tab for specifics on each song.)

Great Chorus Parts with Flexibility in Cast Size

Have as many extra Looters, Society Sisters, Marley's Ghosts, 

Party Guests & Townsfolk as suits your need.  It's FUN to be

a Chorus members - involvement in MANY of the scenes.

Inexpensive Royalties - Generous Fundraising Opportunity

The musical is ready to share as a great fundraising opportunity for schools/community theaters.  It has been on stage for 5 seasons now and has proven to our best fundraiser.  Script, Music Scores & Professional Orchestral Tracks all included for one very affordable price.  

A Wide Array of Emotions - Songs of Fear, Sorrow, Greed,

Love, Loss, Despair, & Great Joy.  Check out 'The Songs' tab. 

Author's Note  

       I began writing Ebenezer Scrooge the Musical  as a response to another musical about Scrooge I had recently seen. While watching that production, the lack of sorrow I felt at Tiny Tim’s death bothered me – I hadn’t felt any sorrow near to what I believe I would have felt if Tiny Tim were my son. 

        I am a songwriter. In the ensuing days, “The Cratchit’s Grief” began to take form. Upon its completion, I decided to write a song about the fear Scrooge must have felt when he pleaded with the spirit for a 2nd chance and “Scrooge’s Final Plea” followed.  Next came “A Possibility” and “Lost Love” which depict the falling in love & the breaking-up of Young Ebenezer Scrooge & his betrothed.  One song led to another . . . and within 2 ½ years an entire musical was born. Charles Dickens' story had spoken to me.

         With financial support from my husband's (Kerry) personal savings account, we hired James Stevens to complete all of the orchestral tracks –

21 songs in all. His masterful orchestration gave my songs a newfound richness.  The songs sounded so good, that we hired him to do an entire album complete with voices. Today, I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

            The performance of Ebenezer Scrooge the Musical is now one of the best fundraisers for our school's music program. We have performed it for 6 seasons in total, and the community, kids, and I look forward to it year after year. I like to imagine Charles Dickens in the audience thoroughly enthralled at the extension of his work.  Nice thought.

Photos by Jennifer Hill Photography